I Never Liked Him, Anyway

I Never Liked Him, Anyway

“So-and-so is the latest person to be accused of sexual assault/harassment/abuse.”

“Gross, I never liked him anyway.”

That’s honestly zero percent helpful, guys. It doesn’t matter one teeny tiny bit whether or not you liked this dude who has been accused of sexual assault. Society likes this dude, or the media does, or he has money or political power or social capital or SOMETHING. He’s “important” in some way to a lot of people. You not liking him doesn’t advance this conversation in anything resembling a helpful way. What you’re saying is “this doesn’t affect my opinion of him, because my opinion of him was already negative. I’m past the point of needing to do emotional labor for this one.”

What would be more helpful is if you were to say, “hey, I wonder what kinds of work we can do in the greater social sphere that can make people take this accusation seriously.”

(Or, because not everyone speaks like me, “what a jerk. I’m going to call upon people to boycott his work/ call his office to complain/ call his boss/ network/ agent’s office to complain/ give my money to people that oppose him/ share articles written by people whose voices are often drowned out in this conversation.”)

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