Education and Workshops

Galia is available to run workshops, provide professional consultation, build lesson plans and curricula, and work one-on-one on a number of topics. Please see the following:

Currently available workshops:

Explicit Verbal Communication

Communication in BDSM Relationships

Implementing Universal Consent Models of Touch in Residential Facilities for Adults with ID

Teaching Safer Sex to Learners with Intellectual Disabilities

Sexual Pleasure 101

Transgender Basics for Human Service Professionals

LGBTQ Basics for Human Service Professionals

Currently available curricula:

Sexual Pleasure Based Sex Education for Undergraduate Students – a 6 class series

Safer Sex and Relationships for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities – a 6 class series

Stand-alone lessons:

Physical Consent Values Clarification

Sexual Anatomy

*Appropriate Actions in Public/Private


Dual Control Model of Sexual Response

Partnered Communication About Sex and Dating

*Contextual Behaviors and Reading Signals

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Contraceptive Use

(classes marked with a * are designed specifically for learners with intellectual disabilities. All other classes can be taught to disabled students OR neurotypical students, with provided modifications)

Galia is available for individual consultation on a number of topics, including sexuality education, consent, communication, disability education, and behavioral work with individuals with intellectual disabilities. Please use the contact page to inquire about rates – initial consultation, including surface details about a project, or advising a different specialist in some cases, is free.