Black-Owned Businesses

Black-Owned Businesses

Something many white people don’t understand is the desire by black people to spend their money in black-owned businesses. It looks insular and unwelcoming. “Why do you care if the person who owns the shop is black?” we wonder. “You need to buy a thing, buy it in the best place to get it, right?” Well, a business owned by a black person IS the best place to get it, if what you want is for your money to go further.

Our society disenfranchises black people and other people of color. The way America is built makes it more difficult for anyone that isn’t white to own a business or to make money. When anyone spends money in a business owned by a white person, that money stays in the broader/wider economy, and has no specific focus in its movement – it doesn’t by nature help someone in a minority group. When anyone spends money in a business owned by a black person/POC, that money goes directly into the pockets of people whom the government doesn’t want to help. It increases wealth in black communities. Additionally, black/POC owned businesses are more likely to employ non-white people, further increasing the benefit of spending your money there.

So this holiday season, consider doing your shopping at black/POC owned businesses. It is a tangible, easy way to give actual money to communities that are ignored by politicians.

Below, post a link to your favorite black/POC owned businesses! And if you still have some shopping to do, check out the links below!

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