Communication Coaching

I am a communication coach and can provide one-on-one appointments, facilitated two-person conversations, and moderation for group meetings.

One-on-one appointments:

Do you have trouble finding the right words to communicate your intentions? Do you have a message you need to communicate with a friend, partner, or colleague, and aren’t sure the best way to tell them? Do you get into fights or misunderstandings, and want to find better and healthier ways to talk? I will sit down with you and help you organize your intentions and desires and come up with an action plan that feels comfortable yet effective. I will go over several effective communication strategies to find one that feels like the best fit for you, and guide you through using it in everyday situations in order to be the most prepared to communicate your needs.

Facilitated two-person conversations:

Do you and your partner have difficulty talking through tough issues? Do you find yourself fighting frequently with a friend? Do you and your business partner have different communication styles, and it’s causing trouble? I will provide nuanced, easy-to-use strategies to communicate clearly, and help both of you gain a deeper understanding of the steps necessary for a healthy conversation. I will assist working through existing tough issues or decisions, and set you up for productive and respectful conversations in the future.

Moderation for group meetings:

If your household or organization has difficulty coming to agreement during meetings, or find that your communications drag to a halt whenever more than two people are trying to discuss an issue, you may benefit from having a moderator. I can facilitate meetings, debates, and discussions by laying down ground rules and expectations, moderating comments and contributions, and helping participants come up with a concrete action plan that feels appropriate to all.

I can meet you in your home, a coffee shop, a nearby park or recreation area, or in my office in West Philadelphia.


My rates are sliding scale, based on your income and ability to afford appointments. I encourage all my clients to choose a rate that would enable them to afford one session per month, if at all possible.

For appointments with one or two people:

1 hour appointment: $60 – $110

90 minute appointment: $90 – $165

For folks experiencing financial hardships, I offer a discounted sliding scale of $40 – $80 for one hour. Please let me know in your initial message that this is a service you are requesting.

For appointments with three or more people:

$100 – $150 per hour of group meeting moderation

For non-profits, I offer a discounted sliding scale of $70 – $120 for one hour.

For clients more than a 45 minute drive from West Philadelphia, there is a small travel fee. Meetings can occur by phone or webcam for people for whom an in person meeting would be impossible.